God healed my marriage…

Last summer I was quite depressed and a large part of it was because Tim and I were walking through the hard journey of infertility, after several years of looking into adoption.  It seemed as if our last door to become parents was shut.  If I’m honest it was harder on our marriage than I could have ever anticipated!  Prior to this Tim and I had been through a few rough seasons that came and went over the course of several years.  So infertility was the straw that broke the camels back.  It was the most difficult season of marriage we have been through.

As we were slowly healing from the difficult summer, I became severely depressed.  Several months later God miraculously healed my mind!!  (click here to read about this crazy story) Following my mind being healed, God clearly told me to have a particular guy I knew pray for me.  This was bizarre as I didn’t know him well, but since it kept coming to my mind I finally sent him a message to ask if he could pray for me.  He was gracious and willing, despite barely knowing me!  As we figured out details it made sense for Tim to join this night of prayer!

The night came and I didn’t know what to expect.  But as we walked out of the room that night, it was clear that God wanted to heal our marriage during that time!  It was as if many of the lingering hurts and experiences we had walked through the previous 15 years of marriage were erased.  Our marriage was renewed and it was good!  It is in God’s plan to redeem and renew and that’s what He did… I’m still in awe of this!

A couple days later there was a reunion night planned for First Glance.  We reunited all FG students and volunteers from over the years.  It also was a great way that Tim and I reunited.  That week Tim and I spent a lot of time praying and talking about the night and doing ministry together once again.  It was during that week that God made it clear, through Tim that I should share the story of how God healed my mind.  And so from the stage of FG I shared my story, with Tim at my side.

I can say that the past several years have been hard, and ones I NEVER want to relive.  But at the same time I can confidently say that Tim and I are better than we ever have been.  It was a hard, refining process, but I’m so grateful for where we are at the end of it!

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