God healed my body…

I’m pregnant!!

Yes, it’s true!!
I’ll let that soak in for a minute… it took me a minute too 🙂

I’ve been asked a lot about when I’m going to tell the world, meaning Facebook (you know because that’s how you tell the world these days).  I’ve wrestled with this question, as this is such a greater story than Tim and I having a baby, therefore posting “I’m pregnant” seems to take away from what God did!

There’s an amazing story of how God healed my mind (click here to read) and then my marriage (click here to read) and then we got pregnant!  If you read the other two posts you will understand the magnitude of what God did.

The short version is that we were told we couldn’t have kids and as a result Tim and I walked through quite a hard journey!!  It caused me to become depressed and tension in our marriage.  But after a extremely hard and yet amazing refining period God did it!  God did it only as God can.  And as I look at it I am so grateful for it coming now.  It all makes sense… our marriage is better than ever,  I have a stronger confidence in who God created me to be, it really is the best timing.  I sincerely give ALL glory to God for what he did.

So now a baby is on the way… he or she is due on December 3rd and we are THRILLED!
No – we are not finding out the gender… I know some of you think this is mean.
Yes – the baby is giving a fist pump!
No – we are not naming him “Tim Beck Two” if it’s a boy (despite Tim’s desire to).

Please note that this is not always the way things work out!  I know this!!  In some ways it’s too “happily ever after”.  I don’t tell this story (all parts) to say that if you follow Christ he will make everything right.  Why I tell this story is because I am CONFIDENT that God, the creator of the universe, wants to interact in our lives and he does!!  

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