325 Days!!!

God healed my mind 325 days ago today!  I remember it so clearly, the complete despair and desperation I felt going into that time, sitting on the cold floor while women gathered around to pray, and the feeling of release when they prayed in Jesus’ name.  I remember all of it.  God did it, and it was amazing! Click here to read that whole story.

Today also marks four weeks exactly since I had the privilege of meeting my son and the heartbreak of saying goodbye to him all at once.  It has been the hardest four weeks of my life!  I’ve felt pain and sorrow so deeply… paralyzingly and unbearably deeply. 
As sad as I have been, I have been grateful to God for the healing of my mind 325 days ago.  It is a healing that has kept me from depression and suicide;  a healing that has allowed me to know God really does interact in our lives, and a healing that has given me a sense of freedom to be sad without worry of the deep depression I once felt.  
Praise God for complete healing of my mind!!
Screen shot of the app I use to keep track of God healing my mind
**Although I’m confident God does interact in our lives, he doesn’t always answer prayers the same way for everyone.  So, please don’t hear me saying that if you pray, you won’t be depressed anymore. 

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