Thank you isn’t enough…

Tim and I have been humbled, to the point of tears, because of your love and care for us.

On Tuesday, December 8th Tim and I woke up excited that any day our first born would enter the world.  In a matter of hours our lives were turned upside down when we found out Enoch had no heartbeat.  Within mere minutes of sharing our heartbreak until now, six weeks later, there has been an outpouring of love, support and care.  This is our attempt to thank you all:

  • Thanks to all of you who helped plan and host Enoch’s funeral.  What a hard day!  So many decisions to make when we were in such a difficult state, and yet so many of you helped walk us through it.
  • Thanks for all of you who have brought us meals! I don’t love cooking on a good day.  I’m not sure we would have eaten anything outside of cereal if it weren’t for the meals brought.  Thank you!
  • Thanks to all of you who gave to our medical bills.  We were nervous about the large and unexpected costs with no maternity insurance and the way Enoch entered the world.  So thank you for covering those costs!  What a blessing!
  • And our desire really was that people would donate to First Glance, the ministry we love.  Your donations will continue to impact the lives of the teens and young adults we work with.  Thank you for those that have and may yet!
  • Thank you for every text, card, email, FB message, etc. that has expressed your sympathy and your prayers! Your support and thoughtfulness is encouraging.  We even go back to cards and messages to help get us through the dark days.
  • Thank you for praying and continuing to pray.  We really do believe prayer changes things!  Thank you for praying for us during this time.  We have felt the effects of those prayers.
  • And most of all thank you for sharing about how Enoch has impacted your life or the lives of those around you.  The truth is the loss of Enoch is a tragedy.  But when you share with us the things that Enoch’s little life challenged you with, then it brings God glory, and it’s no longer JUST a tragedy.  So thank you for telling us about these things.

We wish so much we would have had a chance to greet all of you that came to the funeral or personally thank all of you that have prayed and given and loved, but it just hasn’t been possible due to the overwhelming number of you and the loss of capacity in our grief.  Please know it has not gone unnoticed!  We really are so thankful!

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