This Man

On New Years Eve it was the 17 year anniversary of our first date.  Tim and I have had a jam packed, adventure filled 17 years.  I’m grateful for all the years, even the really hard ones.  No matter the season, good or bad, three things have always been true:  he sincerely is the love of my life, I am really glad I married him, and I honestly always think he’s the most attractive man in the room.  
The season of pregnancy was a good one for us!  He was thrilled to be a dad and took on the role of caring for the baby the only way he knew how, through caring for me.   From early on in pregnancy, even before I needed more help with things, Tim cared for me.  As I look back on those 9 months I see it as such a gift and such a blessing that he took on the dad role so seriously even before Enoch was born.  
In preparation…
I love that he had our whole household watch a video on the five S’s in calming a baby.
*Our household = Two friends, Julie and Bethany and my nephew Johnny.
I love that afterward he made Bethany and I practice one of the S’s by swaddling Julie. 
I love that he made all of us practice swaddling a stuffed moose.  
In the moment…
I love that he then swaddled Enoch.  There really is no way to express how much I loved him in the moment.
I love how much he loved and cared for Enoch.
I love how he was overprotective as any new dad would be.  
I love how he stayed up all night to be with our son for the few hours we were able to.

And now…
I love that he is by my side as we figure out this season of grief.
I love that he is my comfort in the middle of the night.
I love that he continues to care for me well even on his hard days.
I love that he is who is by my side when visiting Enoch’s grave.

Most of all, I love that through 17 years of some extremely hard and many joyful days, that he continues to be the love of my life and the father of my child.

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