I just need jeans!

“Would you like to buy a second pair of jeans for 50% off?”

“No, thank you.”
“How about a shirt or other clothes?”
“No, just these please”
“Are you sure? This sale is just this weekend.”
“Yes, I’m sure.  Thank you”
I refrained…  I refrained from saying this.  No!  No, I don’t want a second pair of jeans because I just need a pair to get me through until I lose the baby weight.  You see, I was pregnant, and I went full-term allowing me to gain all of the weight and then my baby died.  And now I just need a pair of jeans so I don’t have to wear these freaking maternity pants that remind me every single day that I had a baby and he died.  
I refrained.  
“Would you like to sign up for the rewards card?”
“No, thank you.”
“But it’s easy, and you could save 15% on your birthday.”
“No, thank you.”
I refrained…  I don’t care about saving money or my birthday.  None of it matters right now.  My baby died!  Don’t you understand?  I just need to pay for these jeans so I can take the maternity pants I am currently wearing and hate so much and put them in the room with all the baby things and close the door.  
I refrained.
Maybe this is why I don’t go shopping alone… nobody to field the day to day chit chat that clearly I can’t handle.  

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