My favorite room in the whole world

Since Enoch has died it’s been a rough road of figuring out what the new normal is. Quite honestly I don’t have the same emotional or physical energy as I once had.  In addition it’s hard to care much about things that don’t really matter.  In light of life and death, in light of little energy, it’s hard to give much time to anything that doesn’t have meaning and purpose.  
The good news is that I love my job.  I love it because it has purpose.  No matter what has happened to me in my personal life, I still love these students so much I have to tell them about the hope and love of Jesus.  In a world that is hopeless, I know and understand hope, which is the only thing I have to hold onto myself.  And it’s the only thing I can offer to these teens and young adults.  
As I come back to work, I’m so thankful for a couple things in particular.
I get to come back to this room, the prayer room.  It literally is my favorite room in the whole world. I have come back several times since Enoch died, but now I get to come back everyday.   We created this prayer room years ago at First Glance in order for the staff to spend time in each day.  We realized that God could do more through prayer than we can do through just working in our office. 
I love it because the only thing I ever do in this room is interact with God.  I also love it because we have pictures of our students and pray for each of them by name.  I continue to wonder what happens to this community in 10 years if we pray for each of these teens and young adults by name?  

I’m also so grateful for the first major project to work on after coming back from my leave is our prayer event for First Glance.  I genuinely believe prayer changes things.  I genuinely believe that God can do amazing things in Kenmore through prayer.  So although I have little energy, I’m thankful I get to spend it planning this event I love and believe in so much.  

I’ll be honest, in coming back to work some days are good, some days are hard, and some days it takes every ounce of energy to get out of bed.  On the really hard days I remind myself of the hope I have and want to offer.  And I love these students too much not to get out of bed and tell them of it.  
If any one of you has any interest in being part of the week long prayer event, please come be part!  Everyone is welcome to any of these.
  • Sunday, March 13th 7:00-8:30 worship service at FG
  • Every hour throughout the week our prayer rooms will be open to sign up for a prayer slot. Click here to sign up.  
  • Sunday, March 20th 7:00-8:30 worship service at FG 

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