Privilege among the pain

God is using Enoch’s little life and story to bring Him Glory.  That was my prayer for my son’s life.  Over and over I would pray that his life would bring God glory and it is!  I won’t pretend this is how I thought it would happen…  But it has and God is using Enoch.  I continue to have people telling me how they have been impacted by little Enoch’s life.  I continue to have opportunities as well… to tell his story, to tell how being pregnant and meeting him was a gift.

If I’m honest in the darkness of night and on really hard days, the pain seems unbearable
And yet, there are moments when I get to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ.  
I get to talk about how it was all a gift.  
And in those moments I am energized and grateful for the privilege it is to be Enoch’s mom.  
I am grateful that God uses this story of suffering to bring Him glory!
Don’t you see?  It really is all a gift!

Recently, as I engage God, the theme that has come up over and over is suffering that turns to worship.  As I read 1 Peter, it points to this concept over and over.  These two verses stood out specifically.  

This song also has been an encouragement to me in the past couple of weeks… “Though the tears may fall my song will rise, my song will rise to you.  Though my heart may fail my song will rise, my song will rise to you.”

And I will close with this quote from Mother Teresa, “Never let anything so fill you with sorrow as to make you forget the joy of Christ risen.” 

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