Prayer Week!

1395994_10207341249422584_5181876022391442484_n (1)

This week First Glance is hosting  a week of prayer.  I LOVE prayer week… I LOVE it!!!

I love prayer week because…

  • I really wholeheartedly believe prayer changes things!
  • We, as a community of believers, come together to fast and pray for the community of Kenmore!
  • Someone is in one of our two prayer rooms at First Glance praying almost every hour for a week straight!  This takes 2 Thess. 5:17 literally, “pray without ceasing.”
  • People are praying for our students by name!  I always wonder, what would happen to this community if we prayed for the students by name?
  • Everyday the prayer rooms have new prayers, verses, and thoughts for this community we love so much.  All written by several different individuals.

Prayer week board (1).jpg

I genuinely believe that prayer changes things and we have almost 200 hours of prayer specifically for this community I love! So why wouldn’t I love prayer week?

To pray generously is not enough; we must pray devoutly with fervor and piety. We must pray perseveringly and with great love. If we don’t pray our presence will have no power, our words will have no power. – Mother Teresa


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