I often use my phone as a reminder.  I’m not talking about the app called reminders, where you can set a time or location and it will remind you of the task you set.  You know, the one I set up on my sisters phone to say “Hug your sister” every time she comes near my house.  Not that one.

I’m talking about how I use my screensaver as a reminder of what’s important.




For months at the end of last year I had this one.  It reminded me to pray for the same 4 things every single day.







Earlier this year I switched it to this one.  My husband and my son.  I love them both with my whole being.







This week I switched it to this one.  Our prayer room wall at First Glance.  It’s prayer week. I HAVE to pray for our students.  I HAVE to pray for them by name…  not out of obligation, but because I love them too much not to!



So I put this picture on my phone, because if I’m honest I look at my phone more than I’d like to admit.  And every time I’m reminded to pray for those whom I love so much!

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