They’re missing and so is he

The door of the nursery is closed.
I’m not sure when it will ever open… I’m in no rush.
From time to time I have to walk in there for something that has gotten shoved into this room with no apparent purpose.
I walked in one day to grab something quickly anticipating to jet back out as fast as possible.
I didn’t jet.
I stopped.
My body froze as I noticed the wall of converse.
I was struck by the missing pair of shoes (which were at the gravesite).
The empty space seemed so glaring.
It reminded me of how I felt about Enoch.
Such a blatant reminder of Enoch’s presence missing in our house.


A few days later because we could no longer keep the shoes at the gravesite, I brought those small black converse and put them back on the shelf.

26058918555_7ea74132a8_o.jpgIt too felt wrong.
It didn’t fulfill.
It didn’t replace the void.
And now they weren’t as his grave site either.



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