A different kind of parenting

I have the privilege and opportunity to be the Director at First Glance.  I love it.  I loved it on day one, and fifteen years later, I still love it!  If you don’t know anything about First Glance check out our website.

Part of what I get to do at First Glance is spend time with and love teenagers.  It’s really the best part!  As I walked into and out of Mother’s Day it was not lost on me that God has given me many parenting opportunities over the years.  There are countless students I’ve gotten to “mom” in both large and small ways, so many that if I tried to name them all I wouldn’t be able to.

A few that stand out are:
I taught Amber how to drive and was the one pacing in the waiting room as she took her test.  I seriously was so nervous.

I’ve been to many graduations, standing with flowers and a hug at the end of them (here are a couple I had pictures of).

Attending baptisms and taking them out to lunch afterwards.22518947121_7c6a1c4093_o.jpg10190422064_e50f61fa3f_k.jpg
These are a few that are larger scale and ones I happen to have pictures of, but there are many other smaller ways too.  Several call me mom. Others simply call me in moments of tragedy and joy, and most girls are nervous to introduce me to their boyfriend knowing the questions I will ask them.  Mere minutes of so many of my days that I get to “mom them.”

In addition, a handful of students have lived with Tim and I over the years.  Brea lived with us while she was 17.  To her we are mom and dad, and to her kids we are grandma Noelle and grandpa Tim.

I remember meeting Brea for the first time; she was 15.  One of my other girls was having a birthday party at the lake, and I was invited.  Of course at some point these teenage girls thought it would be great to drag me into the lake, which they successfully did.  Brea was one of them.  She then asked me for a ride home 🙂

Brea began to attend First Glance and then our Teen Moms program, and when she was 17 she called our house home.  We had several fun adventures while she lived there.  Brea moved out about seven months later.  It has been eight years since then, and Brea & her girls continue to be part of our life and family.  Obviously Brea no longer needs the same parenting at 25, but I still take my opportunities when I can!

Brea now is an amazing young woman who works hard to raise her two daughters as a single mom, and we are so very proud of her!26069276571_4cc6893a49_o.jpg
Mother’s day was painfully hard this year without Enoch – so different than anticipated. But I can’t tell you how blessed I feel by the opportunity to love and care for so many around me.  God owes me nothing, it’s all a gift!  As much as I grieved the loss of Enoch and being a mom in a more traditional way, I recognize I am a mom to him, to Brea and to others around me.  God didn’t have to allow me these opportunities.  But he has, and I am so very grateful!


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  1. As a woman whose own mother left 5 children and a husband, I can truly appreciate the time you spend with those girls. They are blessed to have you. Thanks for all you do.

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