It’s interesting that I have an ‘E’ hanging around my neck and the name Enoch tattooed on my hand because in all reality, had our son been born alive, we wouldn’t have named him that.  We chose his name in the hospital after finding out our baby no longer had a heart beat and that he was in fact a boy.

Tim and I wrestled for pretty much the duration of the pregnancy on what to name our baby if he were a boy.  Tim often told people we were naming him “Tim Beck two,” and I reassured everyone that wasn’t true.  We wanted  a name that had spiritual meaning but wasn’t a biblical persons name.  This is more difficult than you would think.  There are lots for girls in this category: Faith, Grace, Hope, etc.  Not so much when it comes to boys.

As we were striking out with our original guidelines for a name,  we decided to open it up to biblical names of people.  This was the first time Tim recommended the name Enoch.  He liked it because in Genesis 5:24 it says, “Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.”  Tim liked the idea that he was so faithful to God, that God didn’t even wait for him to die, but took him up to Heaven.  I liked the meaning but didn’t love the name, mainly because I was afraid he would be beaten up on the playground for it.  So, we moved on.

As the days got closer to our little one being born, Tim and I were bound and determined to pick a name.  We included our roommates and set deadlines, but we never came up with one.

On December 8th, we walked into the hospital with a girls name and no boys name, but that was insignificant once we found out there was no heartbeat.  After the ultrasound technician told us that we were in fact having a boy, Tim suggested we name him Enoch.  Suddenly the name made perfect sense, since God didn’t wait for our son before taking him to be with Him in heaven.

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