Rhythms and routines…

I love biking!  This summer I hit 5000 miles since starting to use the app that keeps track of statistics like this.  The majority of these miles have been ridden along side of my dearest friend and bike partner, Alicia.  We have been bike partners for years and have had many adventures, some crossing state lines, others trying not to be attacked by dogs, and almost always somehow biking in the rain.

Sometimes I take for granted how easy it is to bike with Alicia.  After biking together for six years, we have a pretty good rhythm.  When there’s no traffic she takes the outside lane, and we bike side by side.  When a car comes, I know to slow down and let her over.  When crossing lanes or making a left hand turn, she usually is the one looking out for traffic and calling out when it’s safe to go.  I plan routes and keep track of navigation.  It’s what we do.IMG_0304.jpg


In all honesty these habits are pretty boring to you, and I rarely notice them… until I ride bikes with someone else.  Typically it’s Tim, and he doesn’t know the rhythms and routines I am used to.  He rarely goes on the outside lane so we can talk.  We don’t bike the same speed, and it all takes significantly more communication.  It’s not bad, just noticeably different.

Biking is my most concrete example, but there are all sorts of other life rhythms and routines I do with Tim, at work, at home, etc. that I rarely notice… until it’s shifted in some capacity.  As I have been biking this summer, I have thought about this more and more, the rhythms and how little effort it takes to think about it.

I have been thinking about it because I have so desperately wanted the same rhythm and ease with God leading my life.  Here’s what is amazing to me.  God, the Creator of the universe, interacts in our lives!  For real.  Not only does He interact, He gives us the Holy Spirt to lead and guide us.  I love it!  I have been working on habits in order to be in tune with the Spirit.  It’s why I started carrying the notebook that I talked about in this other post.

The hard part is that sometimes I get what I call “sucked in.”  I get sucked into stress, or busyness,  or drama, or selfishness, or fill in the blank.  It’s easy to get sucked in, to lose focus, and to not be lead by the Holy Spirit. I so desperately want the Holy Spirit to lead in such a powerful way that I notice and miss it when someone else or something else is leading me.  I want to notice the Holy Spirit not leading and guiding in the same way that I notice when I’m biking with someone other than Alicia.




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