He really does fulfill!

There has been an overriding theme in my life for the past couple years… God really does fulfill.  I’ve written about it a couple times, and it just keeps coming up (Fulfill me completely, I forgot).

Recently I realized how much I honestly desire everyone to experience God fulfilling in this way.  Over and over He really can and will fulfill all that we need, for real all that we need, but in order for Him to do that, I had to remind myself not to.

It struck me one day as I was praying so much for certain friends who so desperately needed God to step in and fulfill in a powerful way.  I begged God to fulfill those needs and pains.  Then when they would reach out, my response was often my own remedy.  It then struck me.  I was praying for God to show up and intervene and then I didn’t actually  push them toward that.   And so I shifted my thought process, my interactions, and my responses.  Don’t get me wrong, I was sensitive and engaging but started pushing them more towards God.

I’ll admit, this was a shift as I’m a care taker and a rescuer by nature.  I’m the first to make you a cup of frothy coffee on a hard day or tuck you in with a blanket as you sit sad on my couch (well I’ll probably tuck you in no matter what… but that’s besides the point).  It wasn’t a matter of being a jerk or even denying my natural care taking tendencies.  I simply have worked to shift their focus to God, who really can fulfill in a much greater way than I ever can.

It’s still something I have to mentally be intentional about.  There are days I don’t do as well, and I end up trying to rescue.  But God continues to show me how He can and will fulfill for me as well as all those I care about.


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