Month: October 2017


I was at Starbucks last week, and the women in front of me was quite upset that they didn’t have salt for the salty carmel frappuccino.  She begrudgingly ordered another drink and continued to talk about how upset she was that she couldn’t get the drink she wanted.  Then as she was finishing her argument, she looked to me as if to give a head nod in agreement as she said, “This is just disturbing.”  I wanted to say, “Disturbing is the fact that I went to a 17 year olds funeral recently. Disturbing is the girl I met recently who was brought here by gunpoint to be trafficked. Disturbing is the number of girls I know who have been sexually abused.  That’s disturbing.  You not getting a salty caramel frappuccino is not disturbing.”  I didn’t.  I didn’t say those words, but that’s how I felt in my being.

I’ve actually felt quite a bit of angst inside for weeks, angst because I know the hope and love that Jesus offers.  I know the good news that it actually is, and I so desperately want everyone to understand it.  Not because I’m right and they are wrong, but because Jesus really does fulfill!  Because God desperately and relentlessly loves them!  So He sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross and rise again so they can have relationship with God here on earth and for eternity!   This is the best news! I’ve always desired for people to know it, but when you start going to more young people’s funerals than old, the urgency becomes that much more vital.

I’ll admit some of this angst has turned toward fellow Christ followers.  I’ve tried not to judge, but you have to understand that I see the urgency so closely and desperately desire help.  The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few (Romans 10:13-14).  The angst comes when I see fellow Christians continuing to consume without applying it.  We grow, learn, grow, learn, grow, learn,… ENOUGH already!  We KNOW enough!!! We don’t need more information! We need to use what we’ve learned.  In all reality we could start teaching on day one!   I was reminded of this as one of our 14 year old students was boldly proclaiming the gospel to a homeless man on Kenmore Blvd the other day.  She knows the good news and doesn’t think twice about sharing it.

So I have to tell this good news.  I’m desperate to tell it to every student who walks through the First Glance doors.  And at times it’s tempting to say, “If just one student comes to Christ because of First Glance, it’ll all be worth it.”  But then I put all the students who have come to FG in the past two years in our prayer room to pray for them by name. It’s at that point I want to say, “Pick one. Who get’s to have right relationship with God?” When there are 1400 pictures, suddenly “just one” isn’t enough – not even close!

I’m aware not everyone loves teenagers from Kenmore, but I see so many Christians caring for themselves, caring for their churches, and caring for their inner circle while so many who don’t know Jesus are dying. And I know them. I literally know thousands of them who just needs someone to love and care for them, and the church is failing.

And my angst has come out.  With it I am realizing how much little things are little things, hence my desire to unleash on the woman in Starbucks.