Monday Momentum – “Fear Not”

Over the summer I was out with my dear friend Kara, as we walked and talked I started to share about some of my own struggles and insecurities that had been happening during that time.  Through a serious of questions and conversations it became clear that the root of most of those situations was fear.  Then Kara asked me a question that I wrestled with for weeks, “do you know fear is an idol?”  I had thought about potential idols in my life with tangible things like money, houses, etc.  Even intangible things like status, jobs, or what people think of me.  But never had it dawned on me that fear could be one, and in that moment I realized it was.  Over the next several months God freed me from that, which is an amazing story coming in another blog.  During that time I came across this song, and the explanation of it.

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