Three weeks away… yikes

As I sit and write this we are three weeks away from Akron Women on Purpose 2018!  I’ll be honest in saying I woke up a bit nervous.  As I’ve said before, running a women’s conference is not my passion or call, not even close!

The reason I host this is because this is me being obedient to the next step.  This is something I feel God has asked me to do because I really believe that if every women is obedient to just the next step God is calling her toward, we would see radical transformation!  I know it!

Since this isn’t my natural calling, I am so reliant on God for all it – for speakers, for the details, and for those who are going to attend.  I take it all seriously, and since the beginning of the year I have been seeking God so intensely, eliminating anything that I could put in my mind or body that would prevent me from being in tune with Him.

Today I sat and prayed for the leadership team and started to pray for every seat in the auditorium.  I so desperately want this day to bring God glory!  I so desperately want women to feel empowered to go be on mission with Him!!  Can you imagine the amount of spiritual transformation in our city if every women was?!!?


IMG_0274.jpgTruth be told, I also do all the things above to make sure I’m functioning out of the Spirit and not my flesh.  I do this to combat the desire to impress those who are coming, fight against the intense spiritual warfare that comes with hosting this event, and to make sure my motives are never based out of fear.  I am so very human and work so hard to stay connected to the God while leading this day.

My desperate prayer each day until the event will be that every woman will feel amazingly loved by our creator and would be obedient to the next step God is calling her toward.  

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  1. Can I just say ditto to all of your words, Noelle? I’ve been wrestling to only speak His words, to love Jesus and the women coming more then I care how I look or how polished my time seems. NO, May Jesus shine through every word and may we all come away renewed in the knowledge that because Jesus is enough, we are too. To take the next that step, not sure where it might lead, but loving our city, neighbors, coworkers, enough to take it. We are to walk by faith not sight, right? Enjoying the time seeking Him, praying over all elements for the 24th, and hearing from so many who are coming,, 💃💃

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