Monday Momentum – Phil Wickham

For your Monday Momentum today, I wanted to share three songs that have been on repeat for the past couple weeks.  Especially leading up to Akron Women on Purpose!  All of them are from one of my favorite worship leaders, Phil Wickham.

First one is “Your Love Awakens Me.”
The lines that I kept repeating are below.  I loved this idea that it’s God’s love in us that awakens us!

You called me out of the grave
You called me into the light
You called my name and then my heart came alive
Your love is greater
Your love is stronger
Your love awakens

The next one is “Mercy.”
These lines continued to play in my head as I prayed about all the women coming to Akron Women on Purpose.  Thinking about 550 women telling THIS story, that it makes dead men live and that we could change our world with this message!

To love like He loves and give like he gives
To tell the story that makes dead men live
And that’s what it takes if we’re gonna change the world

And the last one “Children of God.”
This one I loved thinking bout us being children of God standing together!

We are believers
All our hope in the risen one
And we are soldiers
We’re fighting with faith and love
And we are pilgrims
on the journey to reach our homes
Standing together
We are the children of God

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