Month: July 2018

Summer Sabbath

Right before Akron Women on Purpose I hit a wall.  I assumed it was because of the preparation of the conference along with First Glance and life in general.  No biggy, I just needed to get through the conference.  And I did.  Then came the realization that I had 8  major events in a row that I was planning for each week following.  Ok, so I just needed to get to vacation, which I intentionally scheduled right after all of those events.   I got to vacation and realize that I needed more than a week of relaxation, and for the first time in a long time I had hit burn out.  Upon returning I engaged in more conversions that I want to admit of disappointing people in relationships.  This is when I realized I had gone too far, I was spread too thin, and I needed to retreat a little.  Essentially, I needed to fast from extra ministry opportunities and reprioritize relationships.  So that’s what I did.  I stepped back from most extra ministry roles, even one’s I was so excited about, and I pulled back on mass relationships to disturibute the little amount of emotional energy I have appropriately.

So here I am on a Summer Sabbath, trying to learn these words God keeps bringing me back to over and over in this picture.  IMG_7525

The funny part is on my last retreat day, which is a day First Glance gives each staff member once a month to spend with Jesus!  I knew I was in this season.  I knew I needed rest, so I planned to spend the whole day studying rest, and instead I was just so tired I kept sleeping.  And I sensed a gentle reminder from God to just be, to rest in him, and to stop trying to learn and earn and grow.  Oh man, the resting and being is so against my personality… but I think God is teaching me these words as part of a pruning process that will allow for more intimacy and maybe even fruit later on.  Here’s to my Summer Sabbath!