About Me

I’m Noelle Beck.  My adventures take place in the Kenmore community of Akron where I reside with my amazing husband, of 18 years, along with any other housemates we pick up along the way.  I have the distinct pleasure of being Enoch’s mom.  And God has given me a front row seat at what he does through being the director and founder of First Glance Student Center which works with urban, at risk teens. IMG_7506.jpg

I love frothy coffee, Jeeps with no doors, all Apple products and bike riding adventures.

My life goals include biking across America, wearing converse until I’m 80, and taking over Akron with the truth and love of Jesus!

Two things I know to be true and you will see over and over in this blog:

1.  The greatest adventure of all is being a Christ follower… I’m constantly amazed that God, the creator of the universe, wants to interact in our lives, and He does!
2.  Everything is a gift; nothing is deserved.


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